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What is Dossibay?

Dossibay is a file sharing service for confidential information.

Dossibay offers a secure and straightforward way to upload and download confidential files to different dossiers (folders) that are password encrypted. These dossiers can then be shared with whomever is given the password. Users can also sync files across devices, making collaboration easy.

Dossibay also allows users to personalize their subscription, so their logo and colors are front and center.

Why Use Dossibay?

Have you ever emailed confidential information (health records, social security numbers, financial information, etc.)? You shouldn't.

Have you ever put confidential information on the cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, etc.)? You shouldn't.

Have you ever stored confidential information in-house on local computers? You shouldn't.

Email, cloud storage, and your local machines are not encrypted volumes. The problem we have today is "bad actors." Bad actors are people on the inside who have access to the stored information. Either by accident or malicious intent, bad actors can make the confidential information public. Such an event can cause an incredible amount of damage to your business.

Dossibay is the first major file sharing service that encrypts files before they are sent to our servers. This practice is the next major step in information security and is only offered through Dossibay.

With Dossibay, files are impossible to access by individuals who do not have the right authorization. Not even Dossibay's staff has access to the information without granted rights from the information's owner.

If you are dealing with information that requires the highest level of security, Dossibay is for you.

Passwords must have

Dossiers stores files and then can be shared with your visitors.

The total amount of storage allowed for this license

Your license's URL is used by anyone wanting to access the information available to them.

For example, if your license's URL was test the link would be

The color that is used to generate the theme of your license to make the visitors of your license have a more connected experience with your branding.

This is the image to which your visitors will see.

The Options for a dossier that effect its accessability are as follows:


If checked, files can be downloaded to the dossier by visitors.


If checked, files can be uploaded from the dossier by visitors.


If checked, files and file names will be encrypted with the given password, providing an additional level of security on top of dossibay's usual security measures.

You should only encrypt files when absolutely necessary. Encryption and decryption takes time and is very costly for file sizes larger than 1GB.

Note that shareable links will not work and the dossier password is still required if encryption is enabled

The password used to access the dossier from your Home Page.

The maximum storage (in GiB) the dossier is limited to. This is not counted towards your license's max storage.

Note that names of files stored in encrypted dossiers are inaccessible.

The datetime at which your dossier will automatically be deleted.